Basic Chemistry

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Basic Chemistry


Course Description

This Independent study course covers basic principles of physics including weight, form, volume, temperature, pressure, density, specific gravity, condensates, and vapors. It covers units of pressure measurement such as psi, feet of water and inches of mercury; and concepts of pressure measurement including absolute, gauge and atmospheric pressure as well as vacuum. Finally, it covers the effect of temperature and pressure on gas volumes, liquids, vapors, and condensates; and principles of compression and expansion.

Independent study course lessons and exercises are contained in the “Fundamentals of Basic Physics Workbook” which is mailed to students upon registration for the course. Course lessons and exercises are completed in preparation for the final exam. Students completing all course requirements and earning a minimum final exam score of 70% are awarded an official Certificate of Completion.

Exam Format Options

After completing all assignments, exercises and quizzes from the course workbook there are two options for taking the final exam at the conclusion of this course:

Format: Paper Workbook – Online Exam

Online final exams are graded instantly. After passing the online final exam you can download and print your Certificate of Completion and you’re done. There’s nothing to return by mail and no waiting for your grading results or Certificate of Completion. The online final exam is accessed through your account dashboard.

Format: Paper Workbook – Paper Exam

A traditional written final exam is shipped with your course workbook when you register. Complete all of the workbook assignments before completing the written final exam then mail the exam and other required materials back to SkillWorks for grading. Returned course materials are promptly graded within one business day of arrival. Your exam results and Certificate of Completion are promptly shipped back after grading.

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Paper Workbook - Online Exam
Paper Workbook - Paper Exam

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Chemical reactions and acids and bases; atoms and molecules; elements and compounds; chemical reactions; catalysts; acidity and alkalinity; pH and the pH scale. Some of the chemical symbols introduced are: HCl, H2SO4, NaCl, NaOH, Hg, H2, N2, CO2, and H2O.

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe basic chemical reactions and acids and bases
  • List elements and compounds
  • Explain the function of catalysts; acidity and alkalinity; pH and the pH scale
  • Recognize chemical symbols and use them in problems
  • Demonstrate this knowledge on a fill-in-the blank final exam

Registration for this course entitles the student to course support from SkillWorks. After passing the final exam the registered student will also receive an official Continuing Education Course Certificate of Completion that will be accepted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) for operator certification renewal for the licenses listed in the table of course details above.


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